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Dali was called "greater China best green ecological tourism of state"

Date: 2013-08-28

Recently, the reporter learned from Dali prefecture LvYouWei that tourism golden dragon award ceremony in the 19th Asia list of greater China tourism culture in jinan conference, Dali, won the "China best green ecological tourism of state".
In this golden dragon award ceremony, with a total of five cities and scenic spots in yunnan province, Dali prefecture, honghe, longling county, TengChongXian for listed in 4 cities, lijiang become on the scenic spot. As the most representative of Asian tourism professional contest, golden dragon award since first held in 1995, after 18 years.
The summit to "Chinese wind, Chinese sentiment" as the theme, by the "greater China tourism marketing summit" and "launch a list of greater China tourism culture" in two parts, around the "geographical environment, unique culture, natural amorous feelings" 10 aspects, such as focus on the selection. In addition, the summit also around "collaborative of correlation between tourism and culture, brand and culture brand depth integration of tourism, tourist consumption and cultural consumption depth fusion, honesty and cultural integrity depth integration of tourism, the tourism industry and cultural industry organic fusion" to carry on the extensive discussion; Collection of Chinese scenic spots, star hotel, tourist destination cities and counties, tourist service enterprises, the depth of inventory annual tourism achievements, to make outstanding achievements units to commend, vigorously promote the development of tourism and cultural symbiosis, integration.