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The Dali intends to introduce the internationalization idyllic brand hotel

Date: 2011-08-16

International online news: at present, the Dali has been fully implemented as a national, yunnan tourism comprehensive reform pilot work and promote open to southwest bridgehead construction, speed up tourism second startup.
Xizhou is the core of the Dali tourism comprehensive reform experiment area, taoyuan district north of village tourism is working on and promote comprehensive development, to speed up the taoyuan village new rural construction, the construction of town tourism characteristics, project plans to introduce Beijing Antaeus group mangrove hotel brand, building international conference and sports keeping in good health, leisure, conference and exhibition for the integration of tourism comprehensive service facilities.
The project plan covers an area of 600 mu, belong to the land for reserve construction and tourism development, management area and does not belong to erhai lake erhai lake wetland. Project conforms to the Dali HeXiZhou town village general plans for land use, are the basis of solicit opinions from the masses, in strict accordance with the relevant laws and regulations on land use, before approval to confirm, hearing and other basic work, in accordance with the specification in order to carry out the land acquisition work. Haixi prefecture, the implementation of the project, will always adhere to the "protection is to protect the history and culture of Dali, Dali is to protect the foundation of sustainable development" purposes, firmly "protection is the premise, the development is in order to better protect" principle, make the idyllic scenery and modern organic combination of ecological tourism, further strengthening the protection of hercynian pastoral scenery, strengthen the xizhou tourism brand effect, transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry to speed up the xizhou, and drive the local economic and social development, improve the villagers' production and living conditions, especially the large-scale environmental protection infrastructure construction, to realize centralized collection of effluent from the area, provide effective protection "" erhai lake environmental barrier, promote the harmonious development of man and nature.